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International Trade Operations

Founded in 1978, the company was acquired by the current management in 2007 and renamed DEBRAQCO Handels GmbH. Headquartered in Hamburg, the company specializes in international trade operations of various products, as well as in the management of commercial and logistical operations. Over the years, it has been developed logistical solutions combined with import and export operations between Europe and Latin America.

From 2021, adapting to the new rules imposed by BREXIT, it created a cargo consolidation system in import and export operations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, reducing transport costs, as well as the transit time between the two markets.

It also created a commercial-logistic model for the bulk transport of various products from Brazil to Europe, which replaces the transport in containers of products such as coffee, cocoa and plywood, among others, allowing buyers to receive their products directly in their countries with very low costs, and already directed to nationalization, or even nationalized.

The company is a leader in cargo transport solutions consolidated in import and export operations by air, sea and road, from and to Europe.

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Consolidated cargo transport solutions

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