The Finest Decoration Products

In the trade segment, DEBRAQCO acts as a supplier of decoration products, such as rugs, fabrics, and wall coverings. We have the representation of the most prestigious European brands in the segment for the European and Latin American market.

As we have our own logistics system, we offer our customers the possibility of importing with transport to their designated destination, in a safe, fast, and economical way, especially for customers located outside the European continent.

We also represent for the European market the art portal THE LATIN GALLERY, from Brazilian company KOPAKKO, a portal specialized in the sale of artworks from Latin American artists. We are responsible for the logistics of sending the purchased artworks by European customers to their respective destinations.

We also work in the prospection of any products in the luxury decoration segment, which are not in our portfolio of regular operations, but which are the object of desire of architects and interior designers, and which are not found in their respective markets.

Our Partners